Going to the Recording Studio

Kate and Bina busked at the Headhouse Market in Old City two summers in a row, so they have a lot of performance experience, but recording in a studio is a completely different setting.  On Groundhog Day 2011, K&B spent eight hours in a studio in South Philadelphia, mainly recording the guitar and drum tracks, but also finishing the vocals for one song.  This afternoon, they go back to do vocals for the remaining six songs.  As I write, Bina is warming up by singing through her Paramore repertoire.  She can sing all of Haley Williams’ songs, while playing drums.   Kate is a bit edgy, asking about our scheduled departure time.  In uncertainty, she seeks order, predictability, a train which runs on time.

K&B are 13 and 11 years old respectively.  They want to have a demo ready for circulation next month, to get rock gigs and eventually tour.  They have the voice, fingers and talent to play live.  It’s getting there that will be the challenge.  More this evening, by which time we will return, most likely exhausted.  RM


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